Why Us

Aestheticians First

Corium Corrective 360°® is dedicated to you, the Aesthetician.  You are the cornerstone of the industry.  You understand skin and your dedication to correcting and healing skin, is the foundation of Corium Corrective 360°®.  We build on this foundation by listening to Aestheticians.  Our focus is on assisting the professional in building a vibrant and growing practice by facilitating marketing and client retention.  Excellence in product development and manufacturing practices, paired with education and commitment, are key to your success.  At Corium Corrective 360°®, we support you in every facet of your business and provide products only to licensed Aestheticians.

Results That Speak
for Themselves

Our formulas contain the purest grade of active ingredients to ensure optimal concentration of the finished product, which can achieve remarkable results. Healthy, vibrant skin can become a reality.

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Result Driven Solutions

Science is a process of taking an idea, testing it, and using the result to improve that idea, until the desired result is achieved.  That is a result driven process.  Corium Corrective 360°® has used this method to improve our formulations until they can produce the most remarkable results.  Working alongside our dedicated team of chemists, we formulate and manufacture treatments and home care products, in an FDA approved facility. Corium Corrective 360°® is a science based, result driven company, under the direction of licensed Aestheticians.  We understand skin, all types, tones, Fitzpatricks and ethnicities.


Corium Corrective 360°® is unlike any other professional skin care I have used. After 27 years of
searching for products that actually work, Corium Corrective 360°® delivers results. This
company represents devotion and honesty on every level. This is reflected in the formulation
of products, and the in depth education Aestheticians receive. I am devoted to Corium
Corrective 360°®.

– Lauren Snyder, Beauté Barre – Dallas, TX