About Us

Our Story

The creation of Corium Corrective 360°® evolved from Janet Kendall’s extensive experience as an Aesthetician. Her primary focus has been corrective skin care. This gave her a comprehensive understanding of the skin’s complexity. Janet’s goal was to develop a medical grade skin care system for correcting skin which culminated in the creation of Laskin Medical Skin Systems®. With the success of her medical skin care system, Janet recognized the need for a non-medical line that could achieve remarkable results as well. Working alongside a dedicated team of chemists, the Corium Corrective 360°® line of professional products was created. Janet’s experience and dedication has resulted in corrective skin care treatments and home care regimens that deliver results.

Meet Our Dedicated Medical Director

Gary M. Klein, MD, MPH, MBA

Gary Klein, M.D. is the Medical Director for Laskin Medical Skin Systems® and Corium Corrective 360°®. Doctor Klein’s do no harm philosophy, caring nature and strong sense of ethics, has been at the forefront of every decision affecting his patients. This is the foundation of the Laskin Medical Skin Systems® and Corium Corrective 360°®‘s approach to correcting skin. Doctor Klein knows, skin rejuvenation should be accomplished using healthy exfoliation methods and not treatments that cause damage to the skin’s surface or underlying tissue. This will allow the skin to rebuild without scarring and will produce natural looking, smooth tissue. Doctor Klein promotes personalized skincare regimens and treatments, that will achieve healthy, long-lasting results.

Result Driven Solutions For All Clients

Corium Corrective 360°® offers a unique, synergistic approach to correcting skin. We are a science based, result driven company, under the direction of licensed Aesthetics professionals. We understand skin, all types, tones, and ethnicities. Working alongside our dedicated team of chemists, we formulate and manufacture treatments and home care products in an FDA approved facility. This ensures the highest standard of quality control and product efficacy. Our formulas contain the purest grade of active ingredients to ensure optimal concentration of the finished product.

Corium Corrective 360°® focuses on exfoliation and absorption of skin transforming actives. The pairing of these two actions sets the framework for success. The cornerstone of the Corium Corrective 360°® line of professional products is our unique Opti Resurfacing Complex. This treatment, combined with our other Complex Formulas, can transform the skin. Increasing cellular turnover helps to reduce scars, blemishes, and wrinkles to reveal smooth, bright, even toned skin. We successfully treat ultra-sensitive skin, scars, pigmentation, dehydration, inflammation, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, aging skin, acne, and rosacea. Healthy vibrant skin will become a reality.

Why Us

We relocated to North Carolina which meant starting over. I had worked with many products, in an acne clinic with a plastic surgeon. We changed skin. I was introduced to Corium Corrective 360°® and scheduled a treatment for myself. I am blown away by these products. I recently recommended to a coworker the Corium Corrective 360°® Acne and Rosacea Calming Cream. After one week, she called it ‘sort of devil’s magic cream.’ Thank you, Janet, and Terri. I know the two of you can be reached personally, which makes this product line special.

– Rachel Frank, Rachel Frank Aesthetics – Charlotte, NC